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What next

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What next?


We believe that disruptive technologies haven’t disrupted education, in fact they best provide “Hidden Learning Environments”. That is student’s engage with disruptive technologies to find creative workarounds to the limitations of formal education.


Our purpose in debating the issues concerning Learner Generated Contexts is to get beyond the institutional, pedagogical, professional and educational barriers that block both the affordances of new technologies being realised and the learning that comes from allowing everyone’s curiosity to answer the questions that naturally arise as we live in the world


We propose a Research Agenda addressing 3 key things:


1. Facilitating the development of context-based models as the organising principle for designing learning

2. Reconceptualising the relationship between informal learning and formal education

3. Integrating the roles of learners as consumers and producers in the learning process


And in so doing find ways to negotiate the issues concerning roles, expertise, knowledge, pedagogy, accreditation, power, participation and democracy


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