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LKL Event: 12 September 2007

Is User Generated Content more than YouTube and MySpace?




Workshop Overview:


Using this presentation (1.45Mb .ppt) we discussed Learner Generated Contexts from the following perspectives:


Rose Luckin and Tom Hamilton

1. What are the contexts in which content is generated and how can technologies support innovative approaches to this process for learners? 
John Cook and Drew Whitworth 

2. If you are learning or studying how can you shape the process and content of your learning?

Peter Day 
3. If you are a teacher, trainer or involved in community learning are you looking for ways by which students can assist with the design of their learning environment?
Fred Garnett and Nigel Ecclesfield  
4. How can we join up learners socially so that they can become a driving force in the knowledge society?
Jon Akass 
5. How can developers explore new ways of understanding their user base?
Summary: of the debate at the LKL Event - 12 September 2007

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