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Welcome to the Learner Generated Contexts Wiki


April Away Days

Debate No. 2 : Do technologies proliferate non-knowledge?


Thanks to all the speakers who contributed to the debate on 28 January 2008:

Michael Young, Katerina Avramides, Wilma Clark, Eileen Scanlon and Richard Noss

An excellent series of presentations looked at whether:


  1. user-generated content offers "a pedagogic challenge that generates new knowledge and provokes debate",
  2. we can "scaffold the learning process with tools so that learners understand what knowledge construction is",
  3. if "obuchenie implies that the teacher is always a learner too, opening up learning to broader interpretations; do we need "messy success"?
  4. in science "boundaries of expertise are being tested in a more open review process"
  5. "access to mechanism is the key not the agglomeration of technology"



The debate centred on the following questions:


1. Do technologies proliferate non-knowledge?

2. How do we validate knowledge? Who validates it?

3. How do we meet the challenge posed by the notion that 'I can create my own knowledge?'




Latest News:


Radio Broadcast: Members of the LGC group discuss the Future of Education on Oneword Radio



Listen now: All the World's a Classroom http://philviner.podbean.com/medias/play/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhMS5wb2RiZWFuLmNvbS9wb2RjYXN0LWJsb2ctYXVkaW8tdmlkZW8tbWVkaWEtZmlsZXMvYmxvZ3MvMjY5NjAvdXBsb2Fkcy9FcGlzb2RlMmZpbGV1cGxvYWQubXAz/Episode2fileupload.mp3&autoStart=no" name="Movie" />http://philviner.podbean.com/medias/play/aHR0cDovL21lZGlhMS5wb2RiZWFuLmNvbS9wb2RjYXN0LWJsb2ctYXVkaW8tdmlkZW8tbWVkaWEtZmlsZXMvYmxvZ3MvMjY5NjAvdXBsb2Fkcy9FcGlzb2RlMmZpbGV1cGxvYWQubXAz/Episode2fileupload.mp3&autoStart=no" name="Src" />


We Want You:


We are interested in receiving your comments and making the LGC wiki a collaborative site for all those interested in exploring the learner context. do feel free to join the community wiki to share your ideas.


Previous Event:


Researching open content in education

30-31 October 2007, Milton Keynes, UK




Events Calendar




LGC Debate Number 1:

    • LKL (12th September 2007)


The LKL workshop asked: What are the contexts in which content is generated, and how can technologies support this creative process for learners?


An online presentation of work carried out by the Learner Generated Contexts Group has been developed and the following resources are now available via the LGC Wiki:





Visitors to this site:



This wiki was originally developed to support a presentation at CAL 07 on Learner Generated Contexts (LGC). It was then used to support the LGC workshop entitled "Is User Generated Content more than YouTube or MySpace"** held at the London Knowledge Lab on 12th September 2007. The wiki is now being used as a general launchpad for the development of a research agenda for Learner Generated Contexts...

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