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Epistemic Cognition

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Epistemic Cognition

A presentation by Katerina Avramides (an outline)




Knowledge Validation

Knowledge Validation and Technology

An Educational Perspective 

The Learner-Generated Challenge 

An Example

Presentation (power point slides)




  • Yes technology does proliferate non-knowledge!
  • But what is knowledge validation?
  • From an educational perspective what is the challenge of learner-generated?
  • "learners need to construct knowledge whilst also learning how to construct it" - what questions to ask?


Address this challenge

  • Learners need support
  • Technology can help; what role can it provide?
  • Gives initiative to learner
  • BUT need a conception of learning
  • Example from HE-Psychology: given a start question, add information as nodes to get to the answer.
  • Are they sources of information or are they thinking processes they have to go through?
  • The example shows how a learning path can scaffold a learning process so that the learner has deeper understanding of the subject they are working through.
  • This created a debate on what the presentation was saying.


Katerina; you need to scaffold the learning process with tools so that learners understand what knowledge construction is



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