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Each View

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How do we each view Learner Generated Contexts?




to understand how to scaffold learner's to work collaboratively and effectively across multiple contexts and resource <Ecology of Resources 08.pdf  



to extend the processes of Participatory Learning Workshops so that ANY Community can define its own learning in terms of its own development


to identify how mobile technologies allow learners to raise questions that create learning contexts



to create a means of developing and encouraging independence and collaboration to meet personal and community goals through the allocation of roles in undertaking shared tasks



to create a negotiation-based learning that develops both an ethic of community and community control over related technology parameters



to understand how the democratic potential in new media can be harnessed for educational purposes and develop better practice respecting the value of ownership and learner generated goals in the pursuit of knowledge



to understand how learning communities can shape their learning spaces and how communications technologies can help in this process



to develop a participative Architecture of Learning across a continuum of contexts which enables the emergence of learner self-organisation

to develop agile narratives of learning that developers can utilise

Judy to understand the extent to which learners at different developmental stages can effectively generate their own learning contexts. Also to map out the role of teachers/facilitators in supporting this process.


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