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Definition Issues

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Definition Issues


We have discussed definitions:


"A Learner Generated Context can be defined as a context created by people interacting together with a common, self-defined learning goal. The key aspect of Learner Generated Contexts is that they are generated through the enterprise of those who would previously have been consumers in a context created for them."


From which emerged key issues concerning:


  • learners as creators not consumers
  • changing roles of educational participants (“agile intermediaries”)
  • from learning as regulation and practice to learning as participation
  • needs or questions which enable new relevant learning contexts
  • learning design allowing learners to create their own context or space
  • understanding purpose in learning design
  • environment as physical, social and cognitive
  • the role of narrative in learning
  • Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy
  • who develops knowledge and where?
  • co-configuration, co-creation, co-design of learning


As you can see from these issues we don’t think that this is about technology use per se! Rather it is about contextualising learning first before you support it with technology. Nonetheless these issues have been prompted by thinking about the affordances and potentials of a range of disruptive technologies and practice; web 2.0, m-learning, participative media, learning design and learning space design


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