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Our cross-disciplinary approach to Learner Generated Contexts



interested in learner-centred design being used with an understanding of learning contexts as “an ecology of resources" Ecology of Resources08.pdf


interested in the use of Community Informatics; the ability of communities to define their own learning needs supported by technology


interested in the ability of learners to take mobile learning devices and appropriate them for their own learning needs


interested in developing learning as a collaborative activity taking place in locations that self-review and are self-validating


interested in the use of technology to generate learning environments which will enable the more active learning roles of “citizens” and “employees”


interested in providing digital media tools that enable socially inclusive learning through an understanding of genre and narrative


interested in developing ways of teaching creativity and promoting creativity in learning design through the use of interactive learning “spaces”.


interested in developing learner-centred learning which allows learners to start where they are interested and enables them to own both their learning and their actions in the real world


interested in how developers can understand a range of learning strategies in order to design better learning software

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