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Common Issues

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Common issues emerging in attempting a Definition


  1. Experts as Blockers of Knowledge
  2. Need “Partnerships of Expertise” aggregating a “diversity of roles”
  3. Expertise and Mutuality in developing Participatory Objectives
  4. Users are experts; “Experts” as facilitators
  5. Knowledgeable other who scaffolds our learning
  6. Learner’s want to learn; learning takes place in a social process
  7. Must deal with the OGY OGY OGY Conundrum (Pedagogy, Andragogy, Heutagogy)
  8. Value of narratives in learning
  9. LGC challenges the Infrastructural and political assumptions of education


Do we need to evolve a co-creation model of artefact development and user context development (is this co-design for web 2.0)?


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