In developing this proposal for CAL 07 we wanted to run two symposia on the theme of Learner Generated Contexts looking at both the spatial and process issues we felt emerged.


We described these as: “Changing the learning context and generating learning spaces” and “Changing the learning process and the learning context”.


Our core contentions were: “Environments are constituted by both physical infrastructure and social interactions” and that “if an educational context can be described as a learner-centric ecology of resources then a learner-generated context is one in which a user or group of users collaboratively marshal the available resources to create an ecology that meets their needs”.


In framing the issues in terms of the conference (CAL 07) themes (Development, Disruption, Debate) we wanted to address the question:


“If Learner Generated Contexts are the answer to enabling the affordances of Disruptive Technologies to transform traditional learning then what issues have to be addressed in developing new learning processes?”


We hope this wiki will provide some answers and many questions.